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For our web design company, our work is everything.

Stages of web design services.

    You fill out a brief, together we determine the business problem of the project, research and analyze similar competitive sites.
    The process involves not only the designers, but also the manager leading the project. During this time, original ideas are generated, structure, colors, usability, and more are worked through.
    At this stage, it is decided where to place the main elements of the site, how they will look like. Comfortable, intuitive navigation is developed.
    This is where you evaluate how well the created creative design meets the task at hand. If necessary, you can make corrections.


The first thing a new visitor sees is its design. The quality of visual design determines the first impression you make on a potential client or partner who sees your resource. That is why website corporate design – one of the most important aspects of development.

But do not think that the website design is only one task – to ensure an attractive appearance. It also depends on the convenience of the resource, its conversion, and many other important parameters about which we tell next.

WEB-Design is not just a picture, but a convenient and intuitive interface with a unique and original look.

Web site design in web design agency: basic services near me.

Affordable site design for small business is much more important than it might seem at first glance. Consider the main functions that it performs.

Gains credibility. So, first of all, the design affects the first judgments about your site. If the interactive design has won the trust of the user, he will continue to work with the resource. If not – it may be the reason for leaving.

Simplifies the work with the site. No less important task of the designer – to ensure a comfortable interface web resource. To do this, he is guided by the norms of usability and places the elements on the page in such a way as to simplify user interaction.

Adaptability. To date, there are many devices for going online: phones, PCs, tablets, and so on. It is necessary to make sure that the site was easy to view on each of them. This is also a task of custom design, which should be adaptive – suitable for all screen sizes and browsers.

Helps to keep the attention of the user. With the help of vision, the human brain perceives at least 80% of the information. With skillfully created corporate visual page design you can control the attention of the visitor: emphasize the important elements, arrange the information so that the visitor perceived the information in the sequence in which it would be most interesting. This property is very important for single-page resources: interactive web pages and business cards because the amount of content in them is limited and it is important for the visitor to read everything.

Forms an image. If you want to make a good impression on internet users, a high-quality design for small business is a must. A web resource presents your brand. The opinion of all its visitors depends on how it will look like.

Allows you to be better remembered. Most web resources use a template design for design. Of course, this option has some advantages: affordable, ease of development, but if you’ve been to one of them – have been to all. Therefore, a unique ui ux design created with the brand identity will be much easier to remember.

In the development of the site, digital marketing web design is very important to consider each of these tasks.

Site design: research stage.
This stage can be called the most important, as it lays the foundation for all subsequent work.

During the study, study:

  1. the target audience;
  2. competitors;
  3. Features of the brand style.


Analysis of the audience allows you to determine the preferences of users of the custom website design services, to create an interface that will be the most attractive and convenient, look in our web design company website.

The competitive analysis aims to study the analogs of your resource. What features are generally accepted in your niche? Do you follow such norms small business web design company? What do your competitors offer? How to surpass them?

In addition, it is important to maintain a unified style of visual brand design. That’s why designers study or develop a corporate identity that allows you to be better remembered.The next stage is the creation of a prototype of the resource in our mobile web design company. The usability of the interface depends on it by 90%, as specialists determine the location of the various elements on the page. Content, capture forms, buttons, design elements – the way they are placed on the page affects the usability of the site, and therefore its effectiveness in our local web design company.

Also, the site design project allows you to demonstrate how the future resource. With his help, the client can make changes in advance, approve or change some elements. So you can save much more time for revision and coordination than it took to create a prototype.

Content is not just text, but also videos, images, animations in industrial web design. Everything to do with visual content is a designer’s job. This is an important step that affects responsiveness and behavioral factors in construction web design. The more relevant photos and videos – the more interesting the site is for the user. But if there are too many of them, they slow down the site, which negatively affects its effectiveness in our website design companies for small businesses. Therefore, the task of a specialist – to find the golden mean.

The final stage – reducing to a single appearance and affordable custom web design. Each type of page has its structure and elements unique web design. But the user should not have the feeling that he got to another resource. The same style of cheap website design for small business allows the site to make more coherent, to develop in the user’s mind an association with your brand.

If before you order web design you have not thought about the corporate identity of your company, ouer experts of website redesign agency can develop it.

Order the creation of site design in our web design and digital marketing company.
Each type of resource has its characteristics, which should be taken into account. Consider the basics of them in detail.

Corporate website design in our web page design company.
This type of site, as a rule, multifunctional and is designed for several types of audiences:

  • customers;
  • employees;
  • partners.

Should take into account the characteristics and preferences of each of them. First of all, it is important to demonstrate the status of the corporate website. Show that you are not one of many, but a unique company, our web design experts will help you.

Design of single-pages.
Landing Page and business card sites – these are one-page resources with simple functionality and a limited amount of content (due to their size). Therefore, the design plays a key role. He holds the attention, causing interest, creates an opinion about the affordable website design company or the goods presented.

Site design online store in our cheap web design company.
In online stores at the forefront functionality. Users come here to buy, so all the attention should be focused on them:

add a photo gallery with optimized images for each product in your local business website design;
highlight the buttons “buy”, “order”, “add to cart” with colors and interactive tips.
place the most important information (cost, description, characteristics, ordering conditions) where it can be seen most quickly.
Design a website for trade directly affects the number of buyers.

Features of individual website design
Small business web design services involve the creation of design from scratch. It is developed for specific own business purposes of the customer, it is created taking into account the preferences of the target audience and the functionality of the site. If professionals use a template, it is not an individual design.

Such a resource performs a key task: to sell, present, hold attention, share information, etc. To do this, experts can even expand the user experience, with the help of interactive elements. So the online store often uses 3D designers to demonstrate different options for colors and materials for goods, such as furniture, windows, jewelry, etc.

Creation of usability and comfort in our professional web design company.
A website is not just a set of pictures with the text on a page. It is a tool for both its owner and users. Therefore, we primarily take into account the norms of usability, to ensure maximum convenience.

Corporate web site design and development is a combination of the creativity of a whole team of developers. In our web design studio each project is led by a separate team of specialists, the result of which is a unique product, not like the others.

Therefore, if you decide to order the site design with us, you can be sure that your resource will do a team of real professionals.

What do you get by ordering a design of the site in web design company near me?
Turnkey website design is one of the ways to increase the effectiveness of the resource. Make it more attractive and interesting to the target audience.

Our goal is to turn the website into an effective tool for attracting new clients. You can safely entrust the creation of website design to our professionals. They know exactly what you need to create a small company website or an online store that will give positive results already in a short period.

If you are interested in affordable business website design services please contact us by phone or leave a request. Our managers will help to calculate your site design costs, as well as tell you more about the peculiarities of its creation.

Fill out an application for web design development now and get a nice gift.

We will try to calculate the price for web design development as quickly as possible, if you have any wishes, write additional information in the field.