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Create a wedding website

A wedding is always a celebration of love, happiness, and prosperity. After all, the most important thing in our lives is to find love. Pre-wedding worries, in other words, they can be called a headache, including the search for a dress, a hall for the celebration, photographer, operator, and other wedding paraphernalia. And when the celebration is over the newlyweds will have beautiful pictures and videos of the wedding. Many people have long been giving newlyweds their website for their wedding. It is a wonderful memory of such a significant moment in the lives of young people.


When creating a wedding website, you can place photos, write a history of dating lovers, place various videos, and other memorabilia. Relatives and friends can leave comments on the wedding site, as well as add photos and videos. A wedding website can be not only a great gift for the newlyweds but also an assistant before the wedding ceremony.

When make a wedding website, you can place a detailed travel plan for the wedding reception, the names of guests on both sides (guests can get to know each other before the wedding with the site). Also, using the site can send invitations to mailboxes of guests. This is very convenient and practical. In addition, after the celebration is over, you can easily add all the photos to the site, and users (guests) themselves have to choose and download the pictures they particularly liked. A build a wedding website can be useful and after the wedding.

After the wedding, the newlyweds usually go on a honeymoon. All the photos from the honeymoon can also be posted on the site, this will save you time on showing all the photos to your relatives when you arrive home. You can tell the whole world about your wedding, share your experiences, tips, and comments, keep your blog, and more.

Our company will not only make your own wedding website but also help you make a newsletter service on the site (invitations or photos). In addition, you can create an “event plan” section on your wedding website, which will detail the program of the celebration. The newlyweds can also place a list of desired gifts on the site. It’s very convenient, and the guests won’t have to puzzle over “what to present”.

The company “Goodweb” provides the following services to create a wedding website:

  • Creating a website for newlyweds or a wedding photographer,
  • domain,
  • development of a management system,
  • management instructions,
  • hosting for a year,
  • registration in the catalog.


Create wedding website

3-7 days making time
750 $
  • Wordpres Elementor Pro
  • Modern look
  • High page load speed
  • 1 year free support

A make wedding site can contain a lot of interesting sections, but the main ones are dating history, separate sections for the bride and groom, preparing for the wedding, location, and driving directions, guest list, guest book, photo report, video archive, young family news, contacts.

Our highly skilled specialists will create a high-quality, convenient and beautiful website, as well as they will realize all your ideas and wishes into virtual life.

Submit an application for wedding website creation now and get a year of maintenance as a gift

We will try to calculate the price for website development as quickly as possible, if you have any wishes, write additional information in the field.