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Build a real estate website

Almost every adult is interested in real estate in our lives. Someone is looking for, someone realizes, and sooner or later, a person resorts to the help of real estate agencies. Websites of real estate agencies help in this – like no one else.

Each of these sites has its own database of properties, with prices and conditions for the object. Therefore, the build a real estate website is a popular project for web studio Good web.

What would the client look at the house in advance – there is a service to create a best real estate website design. Such sites help by being on your PC or holding the phone to get acquainted with the catalog of objects.

The development of real estate websites is a service of developing an online resource to promote the company and attract new customers.

In the 21st century – people are used to solving all kinds of problems quickly and easily, and real estate search is no exception. Each real estate agent tries to be as accessible as possible to a potential client. Therefore, the development of a website for a real estate agency – is primarily a tool to attract customers real estate website design companies.

If you are selling real estate and you do not have your website – you should as soon as possible to eliminate this deficiency. Tell about yourself and present your object to a larger audience custom real estate website design.

Website development real estate agency in the US involves the creation of these pages:

  • Page of the object. This page provides all the information on the object: characteristics, full description, conditions/price of realization, the contact information of the owner, photo and video of the object;
  • The category of the object. Real estate objects have several main categories: residential, country, commercial. By choosing a category, falls directly on the page selected category;
  • Advanced search. Search system, taking advantage of which – a man can filter and sort objects to the right parameters;
    Page to add an object to the base. Development of sites for NA pursues the idea not only to realize the objects of the database but also to add objects to the base. It is this page and will help the user to add an object to the database of real estate agency objects;
  • Real estate appraisal. If you have a need to sell or rent an object of real estate, but you can not objectively evaluate the object, this service is present in every real estate agency;

Regardless of whether you start your real estate business or expand your existing one, everyone needs a website these days. The high level of competition in the market does not allow you to give up the opportunity to present your services online. It not only attracts traffic and generates visitors into customers, but also builds your image among your competitors and credibility in the eyes of your target audience. Therefore, designing a real estate website is fundamentally important for business development.

To custom real estate website, it is important to have expertise in developing a resource. This is a direct opportunity to not just attract new clients and increase sales, but to build your practice’s brand. You can also pitch information quickly. Potential new clients don’t have to call and wait to talk to an administrator. That little gesture alone can turn off the very busy and impatient 25- to the 50-year-old buyer who is used to getting instant answers to questions these days.

Create wedding website

3-7 days making time
1350 $
  • Wordpres Elementor Pro
  • Modern look
  • High page load speed
  • 1 year free support


We are professionally versed in the nuances of developing this type of project. For us to create a realtor website means to provide a comprehensive solution.

We develop the unique design, write sales content and build a strategy to promote your online resource. The cost of creating a website for a real estate agent depends on the complexity of the project.

Submit an application for build a real estate website now and get a year of maintenance as a gift

We will try to calculate the price for website development as quickly as possible, if you have any wishes, write additional information in the field.